We're Helping CA Wineries Bring Their Wine to South Korea - Here's Why

Every year, hundreds of wineries from more than 10 countries including the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and etc., participate in wine tasting events in Korea.

The main purpose of the winery that participate in the wine tasting event is to introduce their wines into the Korean wine market and to meet with the leading Korean wine importers and distributors for continuously exporting their wines.

There will be more that hundred of wine importers, distributors, owner of wine shop, wine bar and restaurants who want to find good wine in the tasting event.

However, in Korea, five major importers and distributors account for more than 80% of the market.

They already have a portfolio of excellent winery and wine brands around the world. It makes difficult to import new wines and even if they import new wines, it make hard to manage the brand consistently success.

The wine buyer of wine shops, wine restaurants and hotels who participate in the wine tasting event will taste and hope to purchase your wine. But, they cannot import your wine because of Korean law and regulations which it requires special license for exporting and importing wine.

They have to make an order through wine importer to purchase your wine.

The importer will contact to the winery and it takes long processes of price negotiation, making a contract, transportation, customs and clearance, KDFA inspection, paying tax and finally distributes the wines to the buyer. It will take at least 4 to 6 months. During that time, wine shops, wine restaurants and hotels may purchase other wines already imported or they forgot your wines.

It is believed that there is a limit in deriving the actual wine export result through the wine tasting event so far.

Therefore, the CalAsian Chamber and the Odd Wine Company Korea have organized a new way and innovative wine tasting event.

The all winery which hopes to participate in The 2019 Wine Trade Mission; Seoul held on November 19th will have a meeting with the Odd Wine Company before the ceremony. We will together select wine having a potential to be popular in Korea and ship 23 cases to Korea first. We may complete all preparations for ready to sell in Korea before the event by import, customs & clearance and KFDA inspection.

The Odd Wine Company Korea will meet with Korean wine importers, distributors and taste your wine and make a pre-purchase intention, so that they may be able to negotiate specifically during B2B meetings on the day of the event.

Also, if the wine buyer of wine shop, wine bar and restaurant on the day of the event want to buy your wine after tasting it at the event, we will be available to delivery your wine the day after the event without any delay.

In addition, 400 - 500 wine enthusiasts who will participate on the day of the event will also be able to promote on-site purchases if they want to buy your wine after tasting it.

All participating wineries of The 2019 Wine Trade Mission; Seoul will be eligible for the above benefits.

It is an opportunity not only to understand the Korean wine market but also to understand the preference of the wine according to the varieties of Korean wine lovers, but also to deal with actual wine sales with wine importers and distributors.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

Contact Cassie Fortes at cfortes@calasiancc.org

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