Congratulations Nia! Intern Story

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The CalAsian Chamber is proud to have talented staff and interns join us throughout the year. Just recently, Nia Jones, one of our Public Policy Interns, has moved on to a new position at the Senate Health Committee. We asked her how she thought her experience here contributed to her professional growth.

What brought you to the CalAsian Chamber?

I applied to the CalAsian Chamber because I have a strong interest in public policy. Before officially submitting the application materials for the Public Policy Internship I researched the Chamber and their mission. I was greatly intrigued by the mission statement which stated that they serve as the voice for API small business owners in California and that the Chamber sets out to grow and empower the community through various ways, such as through Policy. After seeing this I felt that this would be a perfect fit for me as someone who is interested in helping minority and underserved communities have a voice through advocacy and policy work.

What was your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience at the Chamber was assisting in outreach for the 5th Annual California Policy Summit. It was so amazing to see the response from the Chamber constituents that we had outreached to and the amount of people who  attended and said they enjoyed the event.

What project did you find the most impactful? Why?

The most impactful project I worked on was the Small Business Opportunity Report. The policy team worked together to compile a report on the small business community in California and by counties (San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Alameda, and San Diego) comparing business ownership among ethnic groups. The report then suggests how the small business community can improve and how the CalAsian Chamber can be a resource to assist minority business owners.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I am thankful that the Public Policy Team at the Chamber for allowed me to grow in leadership and gain tangible experiences that will assist me in my future endeavors!

Although my time at the Chamber has ended, I will always remember the great memories I had (especially wearing the onesie for the holiday photo)! My next journey is taking me to the Senate Health Committee to be a Committee Assistant and I intend to use all of the skills that I learned at the Chamber. Thank you!

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