Get to Know Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The CalAsian Chamber’s Listening Tours have historically been a chance for local small business owners to meet the elected officials that represent them. The intentionally small attendance setting creates an open space for these business owners to freely share their concerns and hold a constructive conversation with their elected officials. They have the opportunity to ask questions about the Assemblymember’s priorities, future challenges, and understand what these topics may mean for their businesses.

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi represents California’s 66th Assembly District, located in the South Bay of Los Angeles County. As state legislator, Muratsuchi’s top priorities are focused on jobs, education, the environment, public safety, and veterans. His experience as a former prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General, and school board member all contribute to his personal investment in improving California for all citizens.

In 2018, Muratsuchi presented two bills on behalf of small businesses:

  • AB 2510 – Tax Relief for Small Business

  • AB 2527 – Crowdfunding for Small Business

In 2019, Muratsuchi pushed forward these bills for California citizens:

  • AB 308 – Military Tax Relief

  • AB 895 – Mental Health Services at School

  • AB 912 – State Lands Commission - Marine Invasive Species

  • AB 1038 – Health Cost Transparency

This year, the Assemblymember is working on several bills to improve California, including:

  • AB 245 – to create the California Aerospace and Aviation Commission

  • AB 345 – to provide criteria guiding the Department of Conservation’s Geologic Energy Management Division’s process to protect residents and communities near oil and gas extraction sites

  • AB 2135 – to establish a California Office of Trade in Tokyo, Japan to encourage investment in California

Additionally, the Assemblymember has been recently working to promote completing the 2020 Census for a more accurate and representative count.

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi is determined to create policies that will better serve the citizens of California. This month, on July 21, he will be addressing his priorities for this year during the CalAsian Chamber hosted Listening Tour. For all businesses who are interested in upcoming policies, this is your chance to have a conversation with this elected official.


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