Export 101 Series 2017 - Anaheim

Overseas, the California brand is more popular than ever. Opportunities await California Businesses who choose to export into the Asian-Pacific countries.

Bysubesses can substantially expand their bottom line by selling to the ASEAN marketplace. With unprecedented opportunities, there are competitors out there who could seize sales overseas - and, then, may discover how to compete "in your home market" and steal a company's domestic customers in the United States.

"Most companies that go international really explode their business," said Cameron Roberts of the Los Angeles-based Foreign Trade Association. "If you really want to have a market, you need to be over there - overseas."

Download the full report here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/53fac0_422bb745ede449d69dd073d5d1d0b1d5.pdf

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