Digital Futures: The 6th Annual California Policy Summit

San Francisco, CA - On October 10, 2019 the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (CalAsian) hosted our 6th Annual California Policy Summit at the Google Community Space off of San Francisco’s Embarcadero.  

The event brought together a diverse audience of professionals looking to gain knowledge on the impact of public policy in the technology sphere.  Our interactive panel discussions included a variety of successful leaders in workforce development, public policy, data and cyber security, and beyond. Attendees were welcomed to the event with breakfast from Google Catering, space to network, and time to enjoy the amenities the coworking venue had to offer.

The day opened with Welcome Remarks by CalAsian Chamber’s President & CEO, Pat Fong Kushida, who then welcomed the morning keynote speaker: Malia Cohen, Chair of the California Board of Equalization. Ms. Cohen laid the foundation for the day by focusing on how we as people drive innovation but have started to realize its challenges. George Tanaka, Managing Director – Retail Specialized Markets of MUFG Union Bank then introduced himself as the emcee of the event, thanking Ms. Cohen for her energizing keynote.

Keeping in line with the technology and innovation focus of the event, the CalAsian Chamber utilized live polling to introduce each panel. The following were the results used to tailor the discussion of “Data Protection & Privacy: The Balance Between Security and a Competitive Market” to the audience:

Amongst the audience, 48% represented non-profit organizations.

Here in California, The Consumer Privacy Protection Act goes into effect in less than 90 days. Are businesses ready? 

  • 79% of the audience responded “No.”

Has consumer trust in the Internet been irreparably lost? 

  • 56% of the audience responded “No.”

Has your business put a compliance plan in place for the Consumer Privacy Protection Act? 

  • 44% of the audience responded “No.”

Are you confident that your business will be compliant with CCPA and GDPR?

  • 54% of the audience responded “Yes.”

Harry Lightsey, Principal of Hawksbill Advisors was then invited to the stage as the moderator for the first panel entitled, “Data Protection & Privacy: The Balance Between Security and a Competitive Market.” The panelists then dove into an enriching discussion centering on the implications of operating a business in tandem with the internet and the attention it requires from public policy. Harry Lightsey set the tone: “The internet as we know it now has touched every business and every industry...we’re experiencing and beginning to realize that there’s a downside.” Panelist Peter Leroe-Muñoz, Vice President of Technology & Innovation Policy, Silicon Valley Leadership Group also weighed in: “If legislators are unclear businesses will be even more so.”

Following the panel, the attendees enjoyed lunch courtesy of our Lunch Sponsor, the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco. The audience had the honor of hearing remarks from the Consulate General himself, Rana Sarkar.

The Summit reached another high note when National Director Henry Childs II of the Minority Business Development Agency in Washington D.C. delivered his thought-provoking and empowering keynote, “Nothing makes me more mad than when I talk about minority businesses and people assume [that] they’re small or disadvantaged. We’re going to change that narrative.” His charisma and powerful presence enlivened the audience and prepared them for the second panel – of which Director Childs II moderated – “Creating Digital Pathways to Empower a 21st Century Economy.”

The questions used are:

Rate your understand about the potential impact of workforce distruptions such as automation, digitization, and artificial intelligence on a scale from 1-5.

  • 39% of the audience responded “1.”

How prepared do you feel your organization is for CCPA?

  • 32% of the audience responded “It is in discussion, but no action has been taken.”

What would you like to learn from today's discussion?

  • 32% of the audience responded to “All of the above” which included:

  • The future of our job market - what types of jobs will be created/replaced?

  • The impact on business

  • Programs and trainings to prepare our future workforce

  • Preparation methods for business to remain resilient

  • How can my organization get involved in California's policy approach to these changes?

Joining Director Childs II were his panelists: Derek Gordon, Chief Operating Officer of Calbright College; Bill Mueller, Chief Executive Officer of Valley Vision; Curtis Notsinneh, Chief Deputy Director of California Workforce Development Board; Egon Terplan, Senior Advisor for Economic Development and Transportation of Office of Planning and Research / Strategic Growth Council; and Van Ton-Quinlivan, mediaX Distinguished Scholar from Stanford University. The group challenged not only each other, but the audience to consider the workforce of the future in order to maintain resilience in an ever-evolving digital landscape. They offered actionable steps and insight to adapt, educate, and strengthen the workforce, gig workers, and communities of diverse backgrounds and ages.

After a day rich with thought-provoking discussions, solutions for the future, and connections, the event came to a close with a Southwest drawing for two roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the continental US.  The success of this year’s conference leaves us excited for the 7th Annual California Policy Summit next year!

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