The CalAsian Chamber Gears Up to Visit Denver, Colorado for their “Mile High Study Mission”: A Closer Look at an Evolved Cannabis Market

Posted on May 16, 2018 by - News, Press Release

On September 23rd to 26th, 2018 the CalAsian Chamber will be taking a delegation comprised of regulators, entrepreneurs, investors, and electeds from California to Denver, Colorado to observe and experience the evolution of the cannabis industry since the legalization of adult-use in 2012 leading up to the successful regulation roll out in January 2014.

Our focus is to identify and explore the opportunities and challenges that regulators, entrepreneurs, and investors may encounter in California since legalization and how Colorado capitalized on this new industry. The study mission will also provide education and insight from developed businesses and regulators from all aspects of the industry including retail, cultivation, manufacturing, ancillary, banking, taxes and technology.

The trip will consist of tours, panels, and meetings amongst Denver’s industry leaders, Colorado’s regulators, and key members of the business community sharing their perspective on how the industry has changed since the transition to adult-use in 2014 as well as the industry’s impact on the City of Denver. The CalAsian Chamber hopes to bring back perspective and insight to both local and state representatives here in California in an effort to prepare for the future and protect both cannabis business Learn, Lead, and Refine.

Interested in joining us on our trip to Denver?

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