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YouTube Holds First Ever Asians on Youtube Celebration in Honor of API Heritage Month

Posted on June 1, 2018 by - News, Uncategorized


The influencer is one of the most interesting forms of industry. Since YouTube’s inception in 2005, young creators have been sharing video content and gaining followings in massive amounts. This sharing format elicited such large and dedicating followings have caught the attention of advertisers, sponsors, and more. 


Asian Americans have played a substantial role in the growth of YouTube and hold some of the highest subscriber counts on the website – and YouTube has noticed. For the first time ever, YouTube held a celebration in honor of AAPI Creators, where attendees gathered for dinner and awarded Jason Y. Lee of Jubilee Media, makers of the “Both Sides” series that went viral last year,  his 1,000,000 follower plaque. We here at the CalAsian Chamber would like to congratulate these AAPI entrepreneurs for all their success and thank them for representing the Asian American Community.


See more of what happened below: