The CalAsian Chamber supports policies and legislation that will help California’s API small businesses reach new markets and provide growth opportunities. This would include legislation that streamlines procurement and certification processes within public entities, provides resources and technical assistance programs for small business, and supports international trade competitiveness.

  • Access to Capital – The CalAsian Chamber supports innovative financing programs that will help create better opportunities for access to capital for small businesses.
  • Procurement/Contracting – CalAsian Chamber supports policies that encourage small business participation and competition for government contracts. Doing business with the government can be a complex and daunting task. Government contracting provides opportunities for our API-owned businesses to expand into new markets.
  • International Trade – CalAsian Chamber supports and actively participates in creating new opportunities for small businesses to export their products and services.  Trade policies should encourage participation of and promotion for access to larger global markets for all business. CalAsian Chamber also supports programs and opportunities that create new investment in California.
  • Small Business Development – CalAsian supports programs that provide technical assistance and resources to the small business community.
  • Workforce Training and Development – A skilled and educated workforce is integral to the success of California’s API-owned businesses and to advance the state’s economic growth and global competitiveness. CalAsian Chamber understands that to meet the economic challenges and opportunities our business owners require a well-educated and skilled workforce that is able to compete on a global scale. California needs a workforce that is competent, competitive, creative, prepared, and reflects the state’s great diversity. Investment in public education is paramount. Student achievement is the single best public policy predictor of a thriving state economy.


CalAsian Chamber has been a partner with Covered California to ensure information is made available to the thousands of small businesses regarding the opportunities available for healthcare coverage. The CalAsian Chamber believes it is important for small businesses to have choices in finding healthcare coverage for their business and employees. The CalAsian Chamber will make it a priority to remove additional regulations and barriers for affordable and accessible healthcare for small business.


The CalAsian Chamber’s priority is to support proposals and actions aimed at regulatory fairness, reform and relief for all business.   CalAsian Chamber supports policies that provide opportunities for new technologies and innovation that help prepare our businesses for the new economy.

One of the most considerable challenges facing small businesses in California today is the regulatory burdens placed upon them by government. Regulations come from the federal, state and local levels and many overlap and require repetitive work for a small business owner. Unlike large corporations, small business owners generally do not have the professional staff to help with the numerous regulatory mandates required. California’s economy depends on the growth of small businesses.  Small businesses are different from big businesses and need access to new ways to approach and grow.

In this tough economic climate, small businesses are finding it difficult to be competitive. It is often a challenge just to keep their doors open for business. CalAsian Chamber’s goal is to assist small business to be successful, which includes supporting proposals that will help streamline and relieve additional regulatory burdens for API and small business owners. Although regulations are often necessary, they need to be fair, efficient, predictable and accountable, with common sense rules that are fairly applied.


The CalAsian Chamber supports sound policies that guard against unnecessary taxation which burden all businesses and supports policies that encourage economic growth.

The cost of government in California, the level of taxation, and the operation of the tax system are highly quantifiable measures that affect the family budgets of all residents. A healthy economy provides the most robust and stable revenue for important government programs.

Often tax proposals rest heavily on the business community. Employers evaluate these factors thoroughly before deciding whether to locate or expand in California. High tax rates are a problem for small businesses because they siphon off the after-tax income that owners need to invest back in their business to assure viability and growth and help them create more jobs.

Good tax policy improves the economy and provides equity among taxpayers. Tax incentives should help create a better climate for small business, innovators and job seekers. The CalAsian supports any tax programs that provide tax relief and would oppose unfair tax increases or burdens. CalAsian’s priority is to support tax policies that encourage and assist small, medium or large businesses to grow and stay in business and in California.


Economic Development as practiced by the CalAsian Chamber seeks to catalyze investment in California’s API communities. We do this in conjunction with our private, public, educational, trade unions, and other non-profit partners through a systematic and pro-active approach. This approach promotes opportunity for business growth and development, job creation, a healthier sense of community, while increasing economic activity and our quality of life.

CalAsian Chamber advocates for policies that support the development of programs that foster the growth, retention and attraction of businesses throughout the State. CalAsian Chamber also supports a redirection of the revenue generated from these economic development initiatives, to community development within underserved communities.