CalAsian Chamber is a catalyst for collaboration. Our Community Partners Program started with a dedication to the people and communities we serve and hasn’t stopped growing. We built the program around the needs of our business partners to collaborate with people in the communities they serve.

The mission of the Community Partners Program is to engage in advocacy that empowers California’s diverse sector of nonprofit organizations to make a positive economic impact in their community. We do this by offering access, education, and opportunity to help nonprofit organizations grow and succeed in business.

According to the California Association of Nonprofits:

  • On average, small nonprofits employ more people than for-profit small businesses. Nearly 1 million people are employed by nonprofits in California, accounting for six percent of total state employment.
  • There is greater racial/ethnic workforce diversity in the nonprofit sector when compared to the adult civilian workforce as a whole.
  • Nonprofits rank as the 4th largest industry in California by employment, producing more jobs than the construction, finance, or real estate industries.
  • Nonprofits are a large and vital part of California’s economy, with nonprofit economic activity contributing 15% or 1/6 of California’s Gross State Product.
  • Nonprofits generate $208 billion in annual revenue and hold $328 billion in assets.
  • Each year California nonprofits bring in at least $40 billion in revenue from out-of- state sources.
  • California volunteers contribute more than $24.7 million in unpaid labor each year, the equivalent of 450,000 full-time jobs.