Building off the CalAsian Chamber Board of Director’s approved Global Initiatives Strategy, organized around four key themes or priority areas (see below), that the chamber is actively pursuing a forward leaning international trade promotion/community economic development agenda on behalf of our members and California small- to medium sized businesses.  The purpose, to grow businesses and local employment by providing tool and resources by which they can become connected and sell into the growth markets in Asia Pacific Region.

  • Export & Trade Promotion
  • Research & Data
  • Investment & Business Attraction
  • Cultural Diplomacy

Working towards this goal, CalAsian Chamber has conducted a number of trade missions and other promotional activities (hosting reverse trade missions, cultural diplomacy delegations, familiarization events and international trade workshops) over the past several years.  In addition, August 2014 we were awarded a MDCP program grant to build out the CHINA DIRECT program and have used that funding to structure a state-wide multiplier network engaged in export development.  These include: industry associations, trade groups, service providers, community economic development professionals, and commercial service officers from across California.  It has been through these efforts, and the lessons learned during our May 2015 Korea-Japan Trade & Leadership Mission that have convinced us of the intrinsic value the Korean market and global E-commerce sourcing platforms hold for domestic California branded food and beverage producers.

Structuring the KOREA DIRECT program, the CalAsian Chamber, in collaboration with Tao Networks International, and in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, have woven a number of existing programs (AgPlus, DHL Export 101) and service providers (CMTC/MANEX, CITD, SBDC) with relationships developed during prior trade missions (City of Iksan and Gwangju Technopark) into a seamless service provider pipeline connecting local producers to the Korean marketplace via E-commerce platforms, annual trade missions, and match-maker opportunities with in-bound buyers groups.  The purpose, to help leverage existing trends and market demand to sell more products in Korea and the Asian-Pacific Region as a whole.  The following outlines the KOREA DIRECT program (see attachment x-3).

KOREA DIRECT leverages four distinct competitive advantages: Brand California; Quality Products; National Affinity Linkages; Technologically Savvy Entrepreneurs in order to sell into the aspirational growth markets of the Asia-Pacific Region.  We envision utilizing the newly installed CalAsian Salesforce CRM system – referred to asAPI Smart Network – as a centralized repository for the following series of technical assistance activities.

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