California is an economic titan. Its GDP ranks alongside countries and ahead of Canada and Mexico! While doing business in California or with firms located here is not a low-cost option, California is America’s globally recognized brand. We consistently outperform other states, and even nations, when it comes to agriculture and food production, business and finance, electronics and entertainment. California, annually, leads the nation in foreign direct investment and venture capital inflows.

In order to stay competitive, California – both the business and leadership of this state – will need to continue to strengthen and expand our ties abroad. Cal Asian is playing our role in fostering ties between California communities of cultural and ethnic affinity around the Pacific Rim. Our work encompasses both leading outbound, as well as hosting inbound, trade and leadership missions.

Outbound and Inbound Trade Missions

The Cal Asian Chamber extends its benefits for California Businesses in a very personal way through outbound trade missions. This outreach to Asia is the most certain mode of improving trade relations because of the direct connection achieved between the various entities. They are open to any organization looking to profit in limitless ways by forming strong bonds across seas. Business and community leaders will take full advantage of Cal Asian’s experience and large network of contacts with Asian government agencies and industries to build personal and professional relationships for their business and organizations. The Chamber is constantly expanding this invaluable resource to integrate the increasing number of outbound trade missions and receive feedback to connect the participants with the most valuable and contacts possible.

Global Initiatives Progress Report July 2017 

The California Asian-Pacific Chamber of Commerce is seeking candidate delegates to accompany chamber officials to the 2017 APEC CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. Over the past 20 years, the APEC CEO Summit has become one of the most important events held during the APEC year. The summit brings together more than 1,000 senior business executives from international enterprises across Asia-Pacific—as well as senior political leaders from the 21 APEC economies. Anyone with export interest in the Asia-Pacific region who wants to meet business leaders in one place—this is event to attend! The APEC CEO Summit is similar in scope to the World Economic Forum annual meeting of global political and business elites in Davos, Switzerland.

Benefits of the APEC CEO Summit:
•Asia-Pacific’s premier business event—invitation only
•APEC, comprised of 21 member economies from around the Asia-Pacific region, represents upwards of 2.8 billion people, 59 percent of world gross domestic product and 49 percent of world trade (in 2015).
•Engage in dialogue with APEC economy leaders, ministers, high-level government officials
•Discover business opportunities through networking with CEOs from hundreds of top Asia-Pacific companies.
•Forge connections with thought leaders and media outlets from around the region and the world.
•One-to-one meetings with foreign industry executives and government officials, pre-screened to match your specific business objectives whether for representation, direct sales or joint ventures in the local market—upon request
Who should attend:
CEOs & NGO Leaders
•Economic Developers
•Pacific Rim Export SMEs
•Public Policy Thought Leaders
•Educators & Cultural Leaders
Contact Information:
Henan Li, Global Initiatives Project Manager, 916-389-7478,
Sam Driggers, Global Initiatives Director, 916-389-7463,

Date: May 14 – May 21, 2017


hotelex website banner-01-0_375

The HotelEX trade show is the largest hospitality trade show in Asia market. Specializing in the Chinese hotel, catering, and related food and beverage industries for over 25 years, HotelEX offers a one-stop procurement platform for all hospitality industry buyers and sellers.  The California Asian Chamber of Commerce is recruiting firms to participate in this trade mission.

Date: March 26 – April 2, 2017

HotelEX Trade Mission delegation designated industries:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Bakery Ice Cream
  • Catering Equipment Supply
  • Tableware
  • Appliance Amenities
  • Textile
  • Fitness & Leisure industries.



  • Generating and storing renewable energy
  • EV and FCEV Companies
  • Energy efficient product manufacturing, distribution, construction, installation and maintenance
  • Natural and sustainable product manufacturing
  • Insulation technology, renewable material adoption
  • Recycling existing materials




  • July 11th -18th 2016, Makati City
  • Several B2B meetings to build connection
  • Led by State Assembly member Rob Bonta
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • U.S. Commercial Service


  • May 1st – 8th 2016, Shanghaichina trade mission
  • We provide networking, education, match-making services
  • Exhibition of your products
  • In 2015, U.S. exports to China totaled $116 billion
  • 96% of California exporters are small and mid-sized companies
  • More than 66,000 expo attended
  • See what competitors are doing





  • Learn about food, culture and society to export!korea trade mission
  • Yebisu Beer factory tour/ key officials
  • Screened business appointment with potential customers
  • U.S. embassy in-country briefing
  • B2B meetings



Inbound Trade Missions hosted by the Chamber are the most advantageous and immediate way to familiarize international entities with California’s offerings in business investment, opportunities, and ideas. The connections available through the introduction of Asian entities to the state’s industry are lasting and strong because of the devotion Cal Asian gives to fostering these relationships. The integration of international entities is critically important to the shifting California economy. The Chamber’s international partnerships will integrate outside trade buyers and political organizations into the California industry. Cal Asian will introduce Asian organizations to the wealth of benefits that California Businesses have to offer and will create lasting connections that otherwise would not have been made.