As the largest statewide ethnic chamber of commerce whose mission is to grow and empower the Asian American and Pacific Islander business community throughout California, we recognize the importance of solutions based outcomes and relationship connectivity across the global economy. The Global Initiatives Division provides members a number of channels for members to exchange ideas, conduct commercial and investment activities, foster cultural and educational partnerships between California and Pacific Rim based enterprises. The strengthening of cultural, diplomatic, educational, and economic ties are paramount to our member’s and communities future prosperity as the landscape of the California Dream is buffeted by change.

According to a study by the National Small Business Association, 64% of small businesses surveyed would be interested in selling merchandise or services overseas if their concerns were addressed. Additionally, when small businesses were asked what the main barriers to selling their goods or services to foreign customers were, 46% didn’t know much about it or where to start.

Exports play a critical role in helping to bring economic prosperity to local economies by increasing jobs and wealth, and helping to grow local industry. Companies that export have a proven track record of providing higher wages, adding jobs, spurring innovation, and bringing increased stability to their operations in times of economic downturns. Now is a great time for California Asian American and Pacific Islander small businesses to help themselves and their communities by accessing existing tools, resources, and achieve their goals.

Connect with Cal Asian staff and learn:

* Tips and strategies for identifying prospects and overcoming challenges to exporting

* Where to find tools, resources, and business intelligence for aspiring and current exporters

* Programs and services that allow you to connect, enrich, and empower the global community one person at a time

To learn more about the programs, services, and assistance provided please contact our offices at (916) 446-7883 or email: Henan Li

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