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The California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce hosted the Cannabis Talks event with Keynote speaker Lori Ajax followed by a panel discussion at University of the pacific on April 25th, 2018. The event started with a meeting between regulators and sponsors to discuss key issues that impacted their business. The program started with Frank Louie, COO, who gave opening remarks regarding the mission of the program to outreach, educate, connect and assist API entrepreneurs in the Cannabis industry. Frank also introduced board members that have been great supporters of the program.

He then introduced Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director of the CCIA who spoke on the industry and their partnership with the Chamber to reach diverse API communities. Lori Ajax, Chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control was then introduced as our keynote speaker that elaborated on the growth of the industry, where the challenges are and through listening to the community the bureau can address their needs and concerns. This was followed by a Q&A with the audience allowing them to interact with Lori and voicing their challenges.

The introduction of moderator, Rob Fong, led to the transition into a panel discussion addressing issues such as current focus of the regulatory agencies, challenges in the licensing process and how they are currently handling diversity inclusion. One major topic that currently does not have a solution included banking, which was addressed by Lindsay stating that the closest solution is SB 930 – Hertzberg’s banking bill, since there is no current federal solution. Attendees were given another Q&A session to bring up concerns that were in direct relation to the CDPH, CDFA, BCC and Sacramento’sCannabis Policy & Enforcement agency.


  • Opening Remarks by Frank Louie, Chief Operating Officer, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
  • Partner Remarks by Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director, CCIA
  • Keynote Speaker Lori Ajax, Chief, Bureau of Cannabis Control, State of California
  • Panelists:
    • Rob Fong – Moderater
    • Nasser Azimi – President, Ohana Operations
    • Joe Devlin – Chief of Cannabis Policy & Enforcement, City of Sacramento
    • Dr. Asif Maan – Chief, Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, CA Department ofPublic Health
    • Richard Parrott, Director, CalCannabis Cultivation and Licensing Division, CA Department of Food and Agriculture
    • Lindsay Robinson – Executive Director, California Cannabis Industry Association

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