Putu Blanco

Vice President of Operations and CFO of Paul Blanco's Good Car Company

Putu is currently the Vice President of Operations and CFO of Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company, which she and her husband Paul jointly began in 2008 as partners. Their business has expanded dramatically and they are now in seven California cities and Reno, Nevada with plans to explore opportunities in several adjoining states as well as further east. At this time Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company has over 300 employees and are fast approaching a half billion dollars in sales annually.
Putu’s primary focus is on the day-to-day operational end of the business. Putu is responsible for reconciling the finances as well as directing and motivating management to achieve maximum performance and cultivating great employee relationships.
Putu’s duties require her to travel extensively which she enjoys immensely as it gives her the opportunity to meet new people.
Putu has been a member of the Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce since 2000. Putu’s initial foray into the business world in Sacramento was ownership of Bali Wine & Grill which catered to an influential local consumer group. She was fortunate enough to earn a distinguished small business award from the Chamber in 2005.
Putu attended the University of Atmajaya in Indonesia where she graduated with honors and a degree in political science and a minor in public relations. Putu is a mother of three and have dual residences in both Sacramento and San Juan Capistrano, Orange County.
Putu respectfully requests the opportunity to share her challenges and successes with the Sacramento community through membership in the California Asian Chamber of Commerce.