Margaret Wong

President & CEO, McWong International, Inc.

Margaret Wong has been identified by the Sacramento Bee as the “Business Empress” based on her success in linking multi-million dollar businesses between California and China. For the past 20 years she has also served as Sacramento’s “unofficial ambassador” to China in her quest to promote a better business cultural understanding between the U.S. and China to enhance economic opportunities between both countries she calls home. Her own story from the time she immigrated to the U.S. to working with U.S. companies to becoming one of the most successful U.S-.China entrepreneurs in California represents the classic American dream in itself.

A Hong Kong native, Margaret received her B.S. degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1974 where she served as the Corporate Controller for Bostrom Management Corporation in Chicago for 10 years. She worked as a Vice President of American Savings and Loans in Stockton before moving to Sacramento in 1984 to start her own business.

Margaret founded McWong International, Inc. in 1984 and since that time, she has used her extensive network in China and experience in doing business with China to create one of the west coast’s most successful China trade companies in the electrical and lighting products industry. In 1997, Margaret founded McWong Environmental and Energy Group (MEEG), which specializes in the export of environmental and energy related technology and equipment for industrial wastewater treatment projects in China. Founded McWong Smart in 2010, focus to export smart lighting technology to China to promote “Eco City” Green Lighting systems. McWong currently has multiple offices and factories in China with its headquarters located in Sacramento, California. In 2012, Margaret founded the “California Center” to expand business opportunities between California and China. Margaret has been widely recognized in the industry for her strong business and government connections in China and inside knowledge of the “ways and means” of doing business in China.