Legislation Vetoed by the Governor

AB 74     (Calderon D)   Child care facilities: regulatory visits.

AB 85      (Wilk R)   Open meetings.

AB 144    (Mathis R)   Dumping.

AB 161    (Chau D)   Athletic trainers.

AB 210    (Gatto D)   High-occupancy vehicle lanes: County of Los Angeles.

AB 254    (Hernández, Roger D)   Election dates.

AB 267    (Jones-Sawyer D)   Criminal procedure: disclosure: felony conviction consequences.

AB 362    (Waldron R)   State printing: demonstration project: process free printing.

AB 410    (Obernolte R)   Reports submitted to legislative committees.

AB 429    (Dahle R)   Public contracts: preferences: forest products.

AB 487    (Gonzalez D)   Parole hearings: notification of district attorneys.

AB 514    (Williams D)   Ordinances: violations: administrative fines.

AB 757    (Gomez D)   Healing arts: clinical laboratories.

AB 804    (Hernández, Roger D)   Shorthand reporters: continuing education requirements.

AB 849    (Bonilla D)   Crimes: causing an explosion.

AB 943    (Allen, Travis R)   Charter schools: California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.

AB 1060  (Bonilla D)   Cancer clinical trials.

AB 1232  (Garcia, Cristina D)   Insurance Commissioner: administrative hearings.

AB 1378  (Holden D)   Property tax: base year value transfers.

AB 1412  (Perea D)   Redevelopment: successor agencies to redevelopment agencies.

SB 25      (Roth D)   Local government finance: property tax revenue allocation: vehicle license fee adjustments.

SB 168    (Gaines R)   Unmanned aircraft systems.

SB 170    (Gaines R)   Unmanned aircraft systems: correctional facilities.

SB 271    (Gaines R)   Unmanned aircraft systems.

SB 333    (Galgiani D)   Controlled substances.

SB 347    (Jackson D)   Firearms: prohibited persons.

SB 510    (Hall D)   Speed contests and reckless driving: impounded vehicles.

SB 716    (Lara D)   Animal cruelty: elephants.

SB 722    (Bates R)   Sex offenders: GPS monitoring: removal.