Legislation Signed by the Governor

 AB 2       (Alejo D)   Community revitalization authority.

AB 8       (Gatto D)   Emergency services: hit-and-run incidents.

AB 15      (Holden D)   Limitation of actions: human rights abuses.

AB 53      (Garcia, Cristina D)   Vehicles: child safety seats.

AB 69      (Rodriguez D)   Peace officers: body-worn cameras.

AB 71      (Rodriguez D)   Criminal justice: reporting.

AB 96      (Atkins D)   Animal parts and products: importation or sale of ivory and   rhinoceros horn.

AB 139    (Gatto D)   Nonprobate transfers: revocable transfer upon death deeds.

AB 145    (Gomez D)   Public benefits reports.

AB 146    (Garcia, Cristina D)   Pupil instruction: social sciences: deportations to Mexico.

AB 154    (Ting D)   Taxation: federal conformity.

AB 157    (Levine D)   Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

AB 160    (Dababneh D)   Criminal profiteering: counterfeit labels: sales and use taxes.

AB 164    (Gomez D)   Claims against the state: payment.

AB 177    (Bonilla D)   Professions and vocations: licensing boards.

AB 178    (Bonilla D)   Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians of the State of California: executive officer.

AB 180    (Bonilla D)   Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

AB 181    (Bonilla D)   Business and professions.

AB 189    (Bloom D)   Arts Council: cultural districts.

AB 192    (Allen, Travis R)   Specialized license plates.

AB 231    (Eggman D)   Parole: placement at release.

AB 256    (Jones-Sawyer D)   Falsifying evidence.

AB 264    (Dahle R)   Farm products: processors: produce dealers: seeds.

AB 271    (Obernolte R)   Child care: alternative payment programs and contractors: electronic records: digital signatures.

AB 273    (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materi)   Hazardous waste and substances: corrective action: liability.

AB 274    (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materi)   Oversight costs: uncollectible accounts.

AB 275    (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materi)   Hazardous substances: liability recovery actions.

AB 276    (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materi)   Department of Toxic Substances Control: response actions: cleanup ability information.

AB 285    (Gallagher R)   Professions and vocations: registration.

AB 294    (Lackey R)   Health and human services: state plans: federal waivers: public notice.

AB 303    (Gonzalez D)   Searches: county jails.

AB 313    (Atkins D)   Enhanced infrastructure financing districts.

AB 325    (Wood D)   Community Development Block Grant Program.

AB 329    (Weber D)   Pupil instruction: sexual health education.

AB 333    (Melendez R)   Healing arts: continuing education.

AB 347    (Chang R)   Local agencies: city selection committees: County of Los Angeles.

AB 355    (Garcia, Eduardo D)   Unclaimed property: safe deposit boxes.

AB 361    (Achadjian R)   Nuclear powerplants.

AB 375    (Campos D)   School employees: sick leave: paternity and maternity leave.

AB 384    (Perea D)   Food safety.

AB 389    (Chau D)   Hospitals: language assistance services.

AB 402    (Dodd D)   Local agency services: contracts.

AB 422    (McCarty D)   Sacramento Regional Transit District: line of credit.

AB 442    (Irwin D)   Governor’s Military Council.

AB 447    (Maienschein R)   Property insurance: discrimination.

AB 489    (Gonzalez D)   Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act.

AB 494    (Maienschein R)   Restraining orders: protection of animals.

AB 503    (Rodriguez D)   Emergency medical services.

AB 532    (McCarty D)   State agencies: collection of data: race or ethnic origin.

AB 538    (Campos D)   Actions for damages: felony offenses: victim notification.

AB 552    (O’Donnell D)   Public works contracts: damages.

AB 555    (Alejo D)   Civil actions.

AB 556    (Irwin D)   Charitable trusts: regulation and enforcement.

AB 557    (Irwin D)   Nonprofit corporations: abatement: dissolution: surrender.

AB 559    (Lopez D)   Monarch butterflies: conservation.

AB 564    (Eggman D)   Regional centers: parental fees.

AB 571    (Brown D)   Property taxation: property statement: change in ownership statement: penalty.

AB 594    (Gordon D)   Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign statements.

AB 599    (Bonilla D)   Clinical laboratories: cytotechnologists.

AB 614    (Brown D)   Health care standards of practice.

AB 625    (Bonta D)   School finance: emergency apportionments: compliance audits.

AB 630    (Linder R)   Public officers and employees: oath of office.

AB 643    (Nazarian D)   Emergency services: Silver Alerts.

AB 644    (Wood D)   Land use: general plan: safety element: fire hazard impacts.

AB 646    (McCarty D)   State Archives: museum activities.

AB 653    (Levine D)   Postsecondary education: community college contracting practices.

AB 664    (Dodd D)   Medi-Cal: universal assessment tool report.

AB 666    (Stone, Mark D)   Juveniles: sealing of records.

AB 672    (Jones-Sawyer D)   Inmates: wrongful convictions: assistance upon release.

AB 675    (Alejo D)   Rental vehicles: advertising and quotes: charges.

AB 681    (Ting D)   State Board of Equalization: surveys: assessment procedures and practices: county assessor.

AB 683    (Low D)   Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee.

AB 684    (Alejo D)   State Board of Optometry: optometrists: nonresident contact lens sellers: registered dispensing opticians.

AB 689    (Dodd D)   Marketing of eggs: violations: administrative and civil penalties.

AB 703    (Bloom D)   Juveniles: attorney qualifications.

AB 704    (Cooley D)   Escrow services: authorization to transact business.

AB 726    (Nazarian D)   Vehicles: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

AB 728    (Hadley R)   State government: financial reporting.

AB 731    (Gallagher R)   Maintenance of the codes.

AB 732    (Cooper D)   Cattle protection: brands: inspection: fees.

AB 738    (Gaines, Beth R)   Sacramento Regional Transit District.

AB 751    (Cooper D)   Vertebrate pest control research: repeal extension.

AB 759    (Linder R)   Recreational vehicles.

AB 762    (Mullin D)   Day care centers: toddler programs.

AB 773    (Baker R)   Board of Psychology: licenses.

AB 780    (Williams D)   Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: on-sale retailers advertising.

AB 809    (Obernolte R)   Local initiative measures: ballot printing specifications.

AB 835    (Gipson D)   Vehicular manslaughter: statute of limitation.

AB 851    (Mayes R)   Local government: organization: disincorporations.

AB 862    (Committee on Agriculture)   Agriculture.

AB 863    (Dodd D)   Modified limousines: passenger safety.

AB 880    (Ridley-Thomas D)   Dentistry: licensure: exemption.

AB 893    (Stone, Mark D)   Beer: labels.

AB 896    (Wagner R)   Counties: search or rescue: costs.

AB 897    (Gonzalez D)   Grocery workers.

AB 902    (Bloom D)   Traffic violations: diversion programs.

AB 906    (Cooper D)   Sacramento Regional Transit District.

AB 918    (Stone, Mark D)   Seclusion and restraint: developmental services: health facilities.

AB 940    (Ridley-Thomas D)   Clinical laboratories.

AB 941    (Wood D)   Clinics: licensure and regulation: exemption.

AB 951    (Wilk R)   Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District.

AB 953    (Weber D)   Law enforcement: racial profiling.

AB 958    (Committee on Agriculture)   Agriculture: California Avocado Commission: California Salmon Council.

AB 989    (Cooper D)   Juveniles: sealing of records.

AB 998    (Wagner R)   Civil law: libel: damages.

AB 999    (Daly D)   Mobilehomes: disposal.

AB 1016  (Santiago D)   Public postsecondary education: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act.

AB 1028  (Bonta D)   Judicial officers: oaths and affirmations.

AB 1032  (Salas D)   Diesel Fuel Tax Law: reimbursements.

AB 1056  (Atkins D)   Second Chance Program.

AB 1064  (Hernández, Roger D)   Education finance: indirect cost rates.

AB 1072  (Daly D)   Insurance: firefighters’ or police officers’ benefit and relief associations.

AB 1075  (Alejo D)   Hazardous waste: enforcement.

AB 1081  (Quirk D)   Protective orders.

AB 1097  (Holden D)   Alarm companies: electronic transactions.

AB 1129  (Burke D)   Emergency medical services: data and information system.

AB 1130  (Gray D)   Clinics: licensing: hours of operation.

AB 1141  (Chau D)   Civil actions.

AB 1156  (Brown D)   Imprisonment in county jail.

AB 1157  (Nazarian D)   Property taxation: certificated aircraft assessment.

AB 1163  (Rodriguez D)   Health care service plans and health insurers: solicitors and life agents: notice of contract changes.

AB 1171  (Linder R)   Construction Manager/General Contractor method: regional transportation agencies: projects on expressways.

AB 1197  (Bonilla D)   Deposition notices.

AB 1204  (Chau D)   Instructional Quality Commission: membership: pupil members.

AB 1207  (Lopez D)   Mandated child abuse reporting: child day care personnel: training.

AB 1211  (Maienschein R)   Health care facilities: congregate living health facility.

AB 1222  (Bloom D)   Tow trucks.

AB 1223  (O’Donnell D)   Emergency medical services: ambulance transportation.

AB 1250  (Bloom D)   Vehicles: buses: axle weight.

AB 1259  (Levine D)   Bees: apiculture: state-owned lands.

AB 1287  (Chiu D)   Vehicles: parking violations.

AB 1321  (Ting D)   Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program.

AB 1328  (Weber D)   Criminal procedure: withholding of evidence.

AB 1359  (Nazarian D)   Optometry: therapeutic pharmaceutical agents certification: requirements.

AB 1363  (Salas D)   Animals: estrays: alpacas, llamas, and goats.

AB 1387  (Chu D)   Care facilities: civil penalties, deficiencies, and appeal procedures.

AB 1407  (Atkins D)   Family law: protective orders: wireless telephone numbers.

AB 1423  (Stone, Mark D)   Prisoners: medical treatment.

AB 1443  (Chau D)   Voters: language accessibility.

AB 1446  (Dababneh D)   California Finance Lenders Law: violations.

AB 1492  (Gatto D)   Forensic testing: DNA samples.

AB 1506  (Hernández, Roger D)   Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004.

AB 1515  (Committee on Insurance)   Insurance.

AB 1516  (Committee on Housing and Community Development)   Housing.

AB 1519  (Committee on Judiciary)   Judiciary omnibus: family support.

AB 1524  (Committee on Utilities and Commerce)   Electricity: energy crisis litigation.

AB 1533  (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the E)   Infrastructure financing.

AB 1534  (Committee on Revenue and Taxation)   Assessment analyst: certification.

ABX2 15  (Eggman D)   End of life.

ACR 7     (Rodriguez D)   National Night Out.

ACR 15   (Levine D)   California Holocaust Memorial Week.

ACR 22   (Dahle R)   Sierra Nevada Watershed Protection Week.

ACR 36   (Gray D)   California Association of County Veterans Service Officers.

ACR 38   (Brown D)   California Task Force on Family Caregiving.

ACR 56   (Linder R)   Official State Pet.

ACR 63   (Maienschein R)   Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway.

ACR 65   (Brough R)   James Mitchell

ACR 66   (Bonta D)   Filipino American History Month.

ACR 67   (Mullin D)   Ballot measures.

ACR 68   (Steinorth R)   Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month.

ACR 86   (Hernández, Roger D)   CHP Officer William B. Wolff III Memorial Interchange.

ACR 88   (Campos D)   San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson Memorial Highway.

ACR 89   (Wilk R)   Connie Worden-Roberts Memorial Bridge.

ACR 92   (Gipson D)   50th Anniversary of the Watts Revolt.

ACR 93   (Holden D)   Fire safety: municipal ordinances.

ACR 94   (Gallagher R)   California Manufacturing Day.

ACR 96   (Weber D)   Dropout Recovery Month.

ACR 97   (Bonilla D)   Medical training: osteopathic students.

ACR 99   (Lopez D)   Salvadoran American Day.

ACR 101  (Brough R)   Coastal Cleanup Day.

ACR 102  (Salas D)   Red Ribbon Week.

ACR 103  (McCarty D)   Court Adoption and Permanency Month.

AJR 13    (Ridley-Thomas D)   The Voting Rights Act of 1965

AJR 16    (Garcia, Eduardo D)   Blood donations.

AJR 17    (Lopez D)   Foster Care Tax Credit Act.

AJR 22    (Mullin D)   Federal poverty level measurement.

AJR 25    (Lackey R)   Access to financial institutions.

AJR 26    (Weber D)   Removal of the Confederate flag and symbols.

AJR 27    (Levine D)   The Land and Water Conservation Fund.

SB 11      (Beall D)   Peace officer training: mental health.

SB 19      (Wolk D)   Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment form: electronic registry pilot.

SB 29      (Beall D)   Peace officer training: mental health.

SB 61      (Hill D)   Driving under the influence: ignition interlock device.

SB 68      (Liu D)   Minor or nonminor dependent parents: reunification services.

SB 99      (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)   State public employment.

SB 101    (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)   Budget Act of 2015.

SB 102    (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)   State government.

SB 103    (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)   Education finance.

SB 107    (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)   Local government.

SB 111    (Fuller R)   School facilities: military installations.

SB 134    (Hertzberg D)   State Bar of California: Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts: escheated funds: Public Interest Attorney Loan Repayment Program.

SB 148    (McGuire D)   School districts: reorganization: local control funding formula.

SB 162    (Galgiani D)   Treated wood waste.

SB 196    (Hancock D)   Elder abuse: protective orders.

SB 225    (Wieckowski D)   Medical waste.

SB 230    (Hancock D)   Sentencing: parole.

SB 231    (Gaines R)   Transportation programs.

SB 235    (Block D)   Small dollar loans: finder duties and compensation.

SB 236    (Beall D)   Public streets, highways, and public service easements.

SB 252    (Leno D)   Pupils: diploma alternatives: fees.

SB 261    (Hancock D)   Youth offender parole hearings.

SB 287    (Hueso D)   Automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

SB 300    (Mendoza D)   Pawnbrokers: regulations.

SB 304    (Lara D)   State claims.

SB 327    (Hernandez D)   Industrial Welfare Commission: wage orders: meal periods.

SB 342    (Jackson D)   California Workforce Investment Board: responsibilities.

SB 359    (Mitchell D)   California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015.

SB 383    (Wieckowski D)   Civil actions: objections to pleadings.

SB 396    (Hill D)   Health care: outpatient settings and surgical clinics: facilities: licensure and enforcement.

SB 399    (Hall D)   Tidelands and submerged lands: City of Los Angeles.

SB 405    (Hertzberg D)   Failure to appear in court: fines.

SB 407    (Morrell R)   Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program: licensed midwives.

SB 419    (McGuire D)   Mobilehomes: homeowners: sale.

SB 421    (Hancock D)   Refineries: turnarounds.

SB 436    (Committee on Education)   Education: omnibus bill.

SB 445    (Liu D)   Pupil instruction and services: homeless children: foster children.

SB 462    (Wolk D)   Alcoholic beverages: tied house restrictions: Sonoma County.

SB 464    (Hernandez D)   Healing arts: self-reporting tools.

SB 466    (Hill D)   Registered nurses: Board of Registered Nursing.

SB 469    (Hill D)   State Athletic Commission.

SB 474    (Wieckowski D)   Auctions.

SB 478    (Huff R)   Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act: mandated reporters: pilot program.

SB 489    (Monning D)   Hazardous waste: photovoltaic modules.

SB 491    (Committee on Transportation and Housing)   Transportation: omnibus bill.

SB 504    (Lara D)   Court records: sealing.

SB 516    (Fuller R)   Transportation: motorist aid services.

SB 519    (Hancock D)   Youth offender parole hearings.

SB 530    (Pan D)   Pedicabs.

SB 532    (Leyva D)   Governing boards of school districts: nonvoting and preferential voting pupil members.

SB 536    (Roth D)   Armories.

SB 549    (Hall D)   Charitable raffles.

SB 557    (Hall D)   Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising.

SB 560    (Monning D)   Licensing boards: unemployment insurance.

SB 597    (Huff R)   Pupil attendance: interdistrict transfers.

SB 612    (Jackson D)   Hazardous materials.

SB 621    (Hertzberg D)   Mentally ill offender crime reduction grants.

SB 623    (Lara D)   Workers’ compensation: benefits.

SB 626    (McGuire D)   Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District: police force.

SB 635    (Nielsen R)   Erroneous conviction and imprisonment: compensation.

SB 644    (Hancock D)   Limited Examination and Appointment Program: persons with developmental disabilities.

SB 646    (Jackson D)   Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

SB 662    (Committee on Environmental Quality)   Recycling.

SB 667    (Jackson D)   Disability insurance: eligibility: waiting period.

SB 675    (Liu D)   Hospitals: family caregivers.

SB 676    (Cannella R)   Disorderly conduct: invasion of privacy.

SB 685    (McGuire D)   Alcoholic beverage service: veterans’ club license.

SB 695    (De León D)   School curriculum: health education: sexual harassment and violence instruction.

SB 704    (Gaines R)   Public officers and employees: conflict of interest: contracts.

SB 708    (Mendoza D)   Pupil nutrition: free or reduced-price meals: online applications.

SB 711    (Wolk D)   Law libraries: charges.

SB 794    (Committee on Human Services)   Child welfare services.

SB 795    (Committee on Public Safety)   Public Safety Omnibus.

SB 796    (Committee on Governmental Organization)   Alcoholic beverages: licenses: advertising: contests and sweepstakes.

SB 800    (Committee on Business, Professions and Economic De)   Healing arts.

SB 801    (Committee on Governance and Finance)   Property tax postponement.

SB 803    (Committee on Governance and Finance)   Property taxation.

SB 804    (Committee on Health)   Public health.

SCR 15    (Fuller R)   National Day of the Cowboy.

SCR 73    (McGuire D)   Lowell C. Allen Memorial Bridge.

SCR 79    (McGuire D)   Trione Annadel State Park.

SCR 85    (Hall D)   Nursing Home Caregiver Professionals and Long Term Care Provider Month.

SJR 9      (Stone R)   The Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2015.

SJR 10    (Stone R)   Federal Investment Tax Credit: solar energy.

SJR 11    (Leyva D)   United States Postal Service.

SR 39      (Hall D)   Relative to immigration

SR 46      (Hueso D)   Relative to Farmworker Appreciation Day

SR 49      (De León D)   Relative to California-Mexico relations

SR 50      (De León D)   Relative to California-Mexico relations

SR 51      (De León D)   Relative to the election of members of the Committee on Rules.

SR 52      (Lara D)   Relative to Syrian refugees